String of Pearls

String of Pearls


Items ship in nursery pots. Decorative pots shown for display purposes only.


  • Care Instructions

    • Repot within 1 year into a pot no bigger than 1-2 inches using a well draining potting mix. We recommend Fox Farm Ocean. . Be sure to sign up for our news letter for repotting reminders.
    • Clean leaves with damp paper towel every 1-2 weeks to aid photosynthesis and stimulate growth. Check leaves and stalks for pests while cleaning. 
    • If pests are found, remove with damp paper towel and use a mild organic pesticide in a spray bottle to coat the affected areas.
    • Safe for pets if accidentally ingested.
    • Water thoroughly once every 14-21 days, depending on your climate. However avoid overwatering. 
    • Medium to high indirect light, avoid windows as they amplify the sun's intensity and create heat that may scorch your plants leaves. 

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