About Me

Like most of us, I learned about plants from my grand and great grand. My first job was following Mother Dear around, misting her plant leaves, switching out water in her propagation jars, clipping back trailing vines, and working the soil over in her backyard.

The yard of our familial home back in Oakland, California grew EVERYTHING. Plums, Apples, Oranges, Berries, Peas, Birds of Paradise, Roses, YOU NAME IT.

It was there I learned to truly be STILL. I was in it originally for the sun tea, lemonade, and coffee cakes I would be rewarded with after tending to the garden. But after some time, I noticed how the lines in my Great Grands face would soften as she cooed to a slow growing pothos, or sang sweetly as she wiped down lily leaves. Fussing at us kids for tossing out banana peels and hard boiled egg shells that she used for her fertilizer. 

Being an East Coaster now, reconnecting with my plants is just like reconnecting with my ancestors. I am grateful for all the tips and tricks I learned growing up so that I can bring a little of the outside life, in this urban dwelling. 

I want to afford everyone else the same luxury, which is why I am offering mail order houseplant delivery directly from my newly launched e-shoppe. Take comfort in buying from a seller that understands the challenges that come with ordering plants via mail and wants to insure that your babies arrive and remain healthy.

So take comfort in shopping with the best online plant nursery!

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